Sunday 12 May 2013

A pristine bottom

As Sunny and wind-free this morning as it was yesterday until we arrived at MCC when we were subjected to heavy rain, gusting winds and freezing temperatures. Tardis Two's bottom looked immaculate, as per Pippa Middleton (any newspaper front page) and Susan George (Straw Dogs, also starring Dustin Hoffman). Having had two coats of blacking  she looked back to her best and is due another coat before re-launch ( Tardis two only). We gained access via a pair of steps reminiscent of my first flight abroad from Luton airport, courtesy of Cosmos holidays and an ancient Lockheed Super Constellation held together with string and elastic bands. Our friends from London complained about the lack of a Stenna stairlift and commented on how big Tardis Two is on the interior, which she was designed to be. We have got used to other boaters and gongoozlers asking if she is bigger on the inside than the outside. Our standard answer is 82feet on the inside, 62feet on the outside. Eddies theory on the reason for losing the original blacking included......1) The primer (which gives off noxious fumes when wet) not being dry when the first coat of blacking was applied or..........2) The boat being put in the water too soon Both result in blisters being formed under the blacking resulting in the problem we had suffered. No apology, but hey-ho. We're off to the Dragon for lunch with friends today and the inevitable re-visit to MCC. As Mark is a survivor of the HMS Coventry sinking in the Falklands I'm not sure he will be keen on boarding the elevated Tardis Two via steps. Two fits yesterday but nothing major. Lynne will go into attack mode again tomorrow in an attempt to speed-up the drug change process. Going private apparently does nothing to improve clinical communication skills, although the bill seemed to arrive quickly.

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