Thursday 9 May 2013

Rhino identified

Sunny,windy and relatively cold this morning. The rhino is busy moving his head and the weather vane has moved. Having found my tree book in the loft I think I have identified his DNA as a Corsican pine.
Plant identification has never been my strong point and short of raiding  the host garden for  a sample that is the best I can do. Apologies to Monty Don. 
I completed one of my infamous long walks yesterday, the first for ages. No incidents or after- effects, which is encouraging. I am now taking yet another pill to counteract another side-effect of my pill regime, this time a very itchy rash. It has yet to "kick in" unfortunately and the walk did not help the situation. Happy days. No news on my pill change although the gradual phasing out of happy pills seems to be going OK.  
We are going over to TARDIS Two today hoping to secure glasses, plates and cups etc in readiness for being removed from the water tomorrow. The plan is for me to stay aboard tonight so I don't miss a thing tomorrow having expanded my knowledge of blacking via dear old Google. 
In the meantime we are checking for any mooring vacancies in other Mariana's to allow us to move to a more friendly environment until we are ready to permanently cruise, safe in the knowledge TARDIS Two is finished, safe and suitable. I'll report on blacking operations tomorrow evening.

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