Sunday 13 January 2013

A car and a moped

Having de-bugged my computer I was able to scour the internet for more second-hand cars.We carefully planned our route to minimise mileage and time. Having de-snowed our hire car we set off.It did not take too long to find a gem within our budget. Having got the Kia bug our search centred on Kia cars and dealers.We ended the day owning an immaculate Kia Rio, a CEE'd predecessor.Tomorrow we'll arrange insurance for it (but not with the naval company) and sadly arrange to return our hire car, which continues to be brilliant. Another phone call to the naval company is planned in a further attempt to convince them my written off vehicle was a car and not a moped, as their offer seemed to assume. We are gradually collecting vital nik-naks for the boat. Yesterday it was a TV bracket from Currys and today it was a hob from IKEA (we old-uns know how to live and enjoy ourselves). The hob turned out to be too long in reality so it is back to the internet on that one. Today has been another good one health-wise. The loss of driving,drinking,(not together, of course) cycling, rowing and bungee jumping (I jest)is enough to make anyone depressed but at least the boat on the horizon makes life worth living.

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