Saturday 26 January 2013

Watford Gap termination

Rain overnight with blue skies and sunshine this morning, leading to wonderful cloud formations later. Some snow remains in Bradgate park. The pylons remain as ever.....pylons. Today I sadly discovered the Watford Gap phenomena will no longer be investigated due to the Rio having no outside temperature indication. Short of opening the window and sticking my head out of it for a mile or two either side of Watford Gap I can think of discovering temperature differences in no other way. In any case the chances of Eddie Stobart removing my head would be too high, although on the plus side it could reduce my tumour problems. Today was spent boat-blind material hunting yet gain, firstly in Loughborough and then in Leicester, again highlighting the difference between chalk (Leicester) and gorgonzola cheese (Nottingham). Still no success. What's more, both journeys were successfully completed without the aid of a sat-nav. Now that's progress. Lynne was offered the job in Nottingham but declined on the grounds of the extensive commute each way, the extremely low temperature in the shop and the high cost of car parking (£10 for 3 hrs). The offer was therefore changed to 3 days in the Leicester shop and 1 in Nottingham. Again the offer was declined. Lynne has a limited range of wedding thermal wear. We aim to visit the boatyard early next week and post more photo's.

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