Saturday 12 January 2013


The computer gremlins/leprochauns struck again(depending if you believe it was nasties trying to stop normal life progressing or others just having a laugh). To bring you up to speed my trip to St.Georges hospital in London resulted in a scan confirming my tumour had remained static for the past year (nothing to worry about), therefore my dizzy spells and blank moments are due to the coctail of drugs I am taking so another visit has been scheduled for 21st January when my drugs/dosages will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary. The trips to and from London were courtesy of a hire car - A Kia Cee'd - which we have fallen in love with. It has everything but the kitchen sink on board and goes like a dream. Final internal plans for TARDIS TWO have been agreed, as has the final price, now including an anchor (essential for river use)outside paint and logos etc. Completion date has inevitably slipped to end of March. As previously mentioned we mucked MCC about for over a year, missing two slots with illnesses, house sale and financial problems so the agreement was for MCC to fit our boat in-between their outstanding orders, completion dependent on overall work progress and staff availability, so we cannot complain. On the plus side April is a good time to start cruising with the whole summer ahead, promising sunshine and very little rain (?) The Naval insurance company eventually got around to making me an offer on my written-off car, almost exactly half what I expected. After the inevitable "discussion" the officer suggested I should find adverts of cars for sale identical to mine (including mileage)at the price I want and email them to him. Unfortunately he was to text me his email address but seems to have forgotten. Yet another phone call on Monday, my 10th to date! We are currently scouring the locality for a small automatic car and have arranged to view two Kia Picanto's tomorrow. Following an offer of two weeks holiday for him and his wife on our boat another Kia salesman has promised to let us know as soon as a suitable car is traded-in. We met him this afternoon and already he has phoned twice with possible alternative Cee'd's which we are considering. The trip back from London again triggered the Watford Gap phenomina,only this time slightly further south at Northampton. The temperature suddenly increased two degrees but my theories were crushed when it fell by two degrees again as we reached Leicester Forest East. Health-wise I have had no dizzy spells or fuzzy moments for a couple of days, but I've felt encouraged and disappointed too many times to assume it is a permanent improvement.

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