Thursday 17 January 2013


Heavy snow outside with loads more forecast. Having insured our new car we spent today arranging breakdown cover (tempting fate?) There is a wide choice and a wide range of prices, which makes Club Toyota membership look even more of a bargain considering the brilliant services they offer. However, I'm sure Toyota would notice if I tried to register a Kia for membership. We have also found an AA service for boats which we aim to join, given our very limited mechanical knowledge.The limit of my expertise is changing batteries in a TV remote control. We assume the rescue service arrives overland, otherwise the wait could be life-changing, particularly if a food supply is out of reach. Today I realised yesterday's blog singled out Michael Caine, neglecting stars of the other films mentioned, so for pub quiz fanatics I can convey the following information: Dustin Hoffman (Little Big Man), Kevin Costner (Dances with Wolves)Peter Strauss (Soldier Blue) Robert De Niro (The Mission) Kenneth Branagn(Rabbit Proof Fence) I'll expect 20% of any winnings please. Had a good night's sleep with no lurid dreams, thankfully. My conclusion for a cause rests with the medication. I take 7 tablets mornings and 3 nights, the majority to alleviate side-effects of the others. Only one controls seizures, the major reason for taking any drugs at all. As mentioned previously the small print on drug leaflets listing "possible" side-effects are mind-boggling, reading them is probably best avoided but magnetic all the same.

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