Tuesday 22 January 2013

Another one bites the dust

No more snowfall but lots still laying around. Roads clear. We have just lost our second car within a month. Sadly the Kia Cee'd was returned to the hire company, somewhat grubbier than when collected but nothing a high pressure hose couldn't tackle. As previously stated we loved the car and the hire company staff were pretty brilliant, which takes me to the other end of the spectrum - our naval insurance company. After three weeks and daily "chasers" they have finally acknowledged I crashed a car, not a moped. Their latest offer has increased by £650 but, having waited this long I told them I'll wait a little longer for a more acceptable sum. All the staff spoken to have been the essence of politeness, unfortunately none of them having a clue what is going on. Health-wise today is the first of my new drug regime (the first day of the rest of my life) and so far - so good. Long may it last. The receptionist at the car hire company lives on a 70ft narrowboat, permanently moored near Leicester, so we had lots to talk about. Everyone we have met living on a boat, without exception, have loved it, which only reinforces our belief we have taken the right direction.

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