Sunday 27 January 2013

Katie Price/Dragons Den

Almost summer-like today with the exception of a very cold wind. One of our cats has taken to attacking the kitchen door to get our attention early in the morning, looking for breakfast. I was woken at 5.00am by scratching and banging, none too pleased. If the same happens on the boat I wonder how good cats are at swimming? The early start gave me the opportunity of watching the Australian Open final live on BBC. None of those annoyingly loud adverts endlessly repeated between games and sets. Playing Djokovic must be like hitting balls against a wall equipped with reflexes. Whatever you do the damn thing comes back, only harder. Murray played well, bless him. On another day he'll win, wait and see.(How long have you heard that?) After the game I went for my usual shower and made my regular mistake, only this time with my feared result.To reach the shower room we have to cross the back bedroom which has a large window giving good inward views from Woodgone Street. At night it is not a problem with the curtains shut, in daylight it has all the makings of a problem with the curtains open. Since living here I have escaped being seen,often conscious of having a narrow escape. This morning was an exception when confronted by a young mother with a pushchair walking up Woodgone Street. I am unsure if her expression was of surprise or admiration, but we both ended up smiling. I have often considered renting our back bedroom to Katie Price and make my jogging route up and down Woodgone street. Being retired often results in my waking wondering what day it is, let alone time and date.The delivered newspaper confirms the day and date, the kitchen clock the time. The thought occurred to me someone should invent a clock that confirms all 3 requirements, but I'm now told one already exists. Bang goes my planned appearance on Dragons Den asking for £40,000 investment in return for 2% of the company. Talking of Dragons Den, has anyone else noted how often they appear in adverts and on so-called entertainment shows? The only missing link seems to be Debora. I think she would do well on "Live at the Apollo". I used to know someone who's job it was to switch-on adverts for Sky at the appropriate moment during live broadcasts. It sounds a doddle but you have to concentrate at all times. He failed to do so one day, covering a last minute winning goal in a cup final with Fairy Liquid. He no longer works for Sky. I have now gone a whole week without a dizzy spell which is a great relief and indicates the changes to my medication are working.

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