Monday 21 January 2013


Our trip to London was uneventful. The roads there and back were clear of ice and snow. We even had a spell of sunshine,blue skies and cloud formations. The grey blankets of snowy clouds for several days had caused me to be like an alcoholic trapped in Saudi Arabia by an air controllers strike! The snow-clad pylons had compensated somewhat but I missed the fluffy clouds. The hospital consultant contradicted the previous diagnosis of my problems being caused by the anti-depression drugs and upped the anti-seizure drugs instead. The result to be monitored and addressed at another appointment in three months time. In the meantime he has arranged for me to see a shrink (I can't spell the official name and don't have access to a dictionary,apparently still stored in a removal box somewhere).Hopefully this will address the root reason for my depression and allow me to drop the happy pills, once and for all. Those of you who know me will welcome the intervention of a shrink. My Watford Gap theory was blown out of the water today. On the way South the temperature increased by 4 degrees and decreased by the same amount on return. The naff village christmas tree has finally been removed, presumeably to the Teletubbies set

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