Thursday 3 January 2013

Knotted handkerchief time

A very warm and dry day for the time of year. I could have been on Skegness beach in Burmuda shorts and knotted hankerchief in true British tradition, if only I had a car. With no call from my naval insurance company I contacted them late afternoon to discover progress, if any. They confirmed they had found my car at the Nottingham garage (where it should have been almost a week ago) but had yet to obtain an estimate for repairs. Urgent contact would be made and I would be called back. Unfortunately the carrier pigeon has yet to arrive so I guess it will need a further call from me in the morning. Serves me right for having the audacity to claim for an accident. 2012 has been confirmed as the wettest on record for the UK, confirming the brilliance of our boat-building decision.

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