Monday 14 January 2013

Consumer advice

Today I awoke to a white carpet (in the garden, not the bedroom) with snow still falling. It continued till lunchtime by which time it was around 2cm deep. We had previously decided to take the TV bracket over to Stenson today, but conditions made us reconsider so we opted for a trial run to the Co-op as our youngest son has threatened to descend on us for a few days and he can eat for Britain. We made it without problem so Lynne felt confident enough to head for Stenson. The back roads were reasonable and the motorway clear. Dropping the TV bracket off at the workshop all 5 staff were working on Tardis Two. "You've risked your bloody life to drop off a bracket?" said John and we could not argue. The sun came out and our trip home was almost snow free, although we noticed a number of potholes in the M1 reminding us of motorways in Cuba where numerous potholes could swallow a car. Lynne has fallen in love with the Cee'd and is dreading giving it back. Our "new" car should be delivered as conditions allow, but Thrifty will not permit early return of the Cee'd without financial penalty. Lynne is pleased. I made my 11th phone call to the naval insurance company and spoke to the 11th staff member today. You would think by the law of averages I should have spoken to the same person at least twice. Stacey, Mellisa, Nick, Tim,Joyce,Cara, Sarah, Nigel, Keith, Renatto and another Nigel were all very polite but unsure of anything going on at the time. Apart from losing my car for 3 days it was actually written-off twice to cover the extreme delay, firstly on 4th January abd secondly on 11th January apparently. Having finally been given the relative email address I sent at least 6 adverts/prices for similar cars, all considerably more than their paltry offer. I aim to send the service history via email this evening and I am cosidering charging for their work personally undertaken. From recent experiences I would offer the following advice:.............Avoid Spanish banks at all cost..................Avoid naval insurance at all cost..........Buy a Kia Cee'd (as long as you don't mind not having a kitchen sink.......................From previous long experience.............Buy John Deere tractors (expensive but worth it to quote Za Za gabore)..................Get your liveaboard narrowboat from Midland Canal Company, Stenson, at John Lewis and/or in Leicestershire. On our first visit to the Old Hare and Hounds (we still have not found the new one)Lynne left her keys on the bar with her key-fob bearing the words "I never say no". By the time she had returned to collect them at least half the pub had seen and read them. To this day the regulars still comment on the key-fob every time we visit. Fame for Lynne at last.

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