Friday 18 January 2013


Blizzards outside today. Very fine snow, a bit like dandruff, which conjures up visions of a fleet of RAF in-flight refuelling tankers flying above the clouds spraying Head and Shoulders. Job done. No more snow, or even the wrong type of snow for the rail companies and airports. Everyone in the streets having shiny and manageable hair. One advantage of snow is that new dog crap on pavements is easily avoided. The hidden ones are frozen solid and not harmfull to shoes and carpets. Apparently we had an earthquake yesterday morning, only 2.9 on the scale. The earth didn't move for me but it takes above 4.5 to do that, I'm told. The naval insurance company still has not made a realistic offer, after 3 weeks and 11 phone calls. Spoke to Jonathon this morning who would not be pressed on when an offer would be made, but made the usual comment that I would be contacted later today. However, he did comment I had been waiting a long time. I joked my car would soon be a classic and he laughed. It was interesting to hear someone who works in such a tardy company can still retain a sense of humour. Once again a good nights sleep and a relatively clear head today- Whoopee-Do.

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