Thursday 24 January 2013

Zombie day

After a really good day yesterday an urgent need for sleep decended at 8.00pm. I then slept soundly until 6.00am. I got up feeling worse than the evening before and retired to bed yet again at 9.00am only to be woken by Lynne in a panic at midday. She had belatedly discovered her interview was today at 2.30pm, rather than tomorrow. Feeling a bit less zombie-like I offered to accompany her for support. A bit like having John Prescott supporting you on an English teacher interview. After first views of Nottingham it is easy to understand why Robin Hood chose to live in Sherwood forest. In comparison Leicester looks like Venice. However, after walking around for a while impressions greatly improve. It even has London Taxi's and 24/7 McDonalds, plus trams. What more could you wish for? Small historic shopping malls hide dozens of quirky shops selling everything from paintings to hand-made jewellery, whilst the high street and larger, modern shopping malls house all the usual stores on a grand scale. Lynne's interview went well, result pending, tempered only by the long commute both in time and distance. The naval insurers this morning upped their offer yet again. The latest being £1000 more than their original offer,virtually matching my initial valuation. Everything comes to those who wait. On the boat-front MCC have agreed to fit the tv aerial wiring ready for our recently discovered boat TV expert to connect everything up once the boat is complete, a decision we are pleased with. Meanwhile Lynne and a friend have opted to make the blinds themselves, thus saving a small fortune. Both the aforementioned decisions should make closing the gap between available funds and final boat price easier.

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