Saturday 19 January 2013

Sky news

Some boat news for a change. Flicking through January's Canal Boat magazine (for narrowboat fanatics only) I discovered an article by a guy called Martyn Hicks who now specialises in supplying and fitting TV aerials and Sky dishes for mobile homes and boats. This whole subject I have found mind-boggling with so much kit about and differing advice from whoever you speak to. A quick phone call later and the mist began to clear, plus the cost of the aforementioned bits of kit miraculously shrunk by 50%. Martin offered to work with MCC and charge us directly for his input on the TV setup, an offer I have conveyed to MCC and await their response. On the subject of magazines, The Tillergraph is a free publication available from most marinas and chandlers, or get it free on your Ipad newsdesk app. It is a good read for boaters and non-boaters alike. Cleared 2 inches of snow off both cars today and left them ticking over for a few minutes. To shatter the image of us being well-healed, the hire car is thanks to the generosity of a benefactor and the cost of the "new" car will be partly covered by my insurance payout, assuming the naval company get around to providing the money sometime. I'm writing to the Managing Director today outlining my experiences with the majority of his workforce. It will be a long letter. For a million reasons (including the car incident) we are short of the funds to cover the last boat payment. The best laid plans of mice and men. As a consequence Lynne is having to look for short-term work locally in an attempt to cover the shortfall, bless her. (I am banned from working by Lynne,family and doctors) I might buy an lottery ticket or two over the next few weeks but past experience does not inspire confidence. These things always work out, and have to, if a dream is to become reality.

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