Tuesday 15 January 2013

Multicar policy

Today we became a multicar family. Our new car is now parked next to our hire car outside our house (too many ours?). The new one you'll be surprised to know is insured with a non-naval company...LV. Unfortunately it is not possible to know how competent they are until after we claim, unless they are recommended, as these were.Time will tell. I've been asked what a Kia Rio looks like as there are not lots around and anyway you wouldn't have noticed. It is about the size of a Ford Focus, but prettier (not difficult). Do you remember those lunchtime school kickabouts when the best footballer and the school bully set-up rival teams for an imaginary FA cup final? They would stand in front of the rest of the school,all trying desperately to get noticed, and each would be picked based on their ability or relationship to the "captain" until the smallest two pupils with glasses remained and were reluctantly picked as goalkeeper. The Rio would be fourth from last being picked in the above scenario. Not outstanding in a crowd but reasonably good looking, competent, reliable, honest and able to more than hold their own in a hostile environment. (Not unlike myself really). Lynne had a test drive to the petrol station and pronounced her satisfaction with it (the car not the petrol station). I have sent my old road-tax disc back to the DVLA for a refund, but there are sufficient get-out clauses in the small print to indicate the money will stay in Wales for a while before being transferred to Westminster servicing our national debt. By way of self publicity I feel obliged to ask any Telegraph readers to dig-out last Saturday's copy wherein Jessica Gorst Williams fills half a page on our lengthy battle with the Spanish Bank, together with a particularly pleasant photo of Lynne and I reclining on our sofa in our new home. To be honest we were expecting it in this coming Sunday's edition so were somewhat caught on the hop by the early publication and had to bribe our local newsagent to retrieve a copy before being pulped. Whilst on the subject of mortgages I googled Henley regatta to find out if we could moor Tardis Two there this year. A couple of days sunbathing, sipping Pimms and scoffing strawberries and cream seemed appealing,but the cost requires a huge Bank loan or a mortgage so we may resort to mooring somewhere near Oxford for free and hike as necessary, not easy after several pints of Pimms. If anyone in Henley has a 62ft space at the bottom of their garden please get in touch.

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