Wednesday 2 January 2013

Lost. Silver and answers to name of "Herbie".

I spent this morning (it's raining again) trying to locate my car. I could not get through to the garage in Nottingham to whom the car should have been transferred from the recovery depot in Coalville. I then phoned my insurance company - linked to the navy - who confirmed it should already be in Nottingham but they would check and let me know of any progress. As you would expect, my next attempt at getting through to the Nottingham garage was immediately successful. However, the young lady had no knowledge of my car or its whereabouts, nor had they been authorised by insurance to collect it. In desperation I then phoned the recovery depot who confirmed the car was still with them. Another call to my insurance company confirmed they had yet to arrange transfer of my car to Nottingham, apologised for the obvious oversight but promised to keep me updated thereafter, which was very reassuring and confirmed the urgency of their actions on my behalf.I wonder if their speed would increase if they were chasing late premium payment?(not applicable). Boat news will probably be in short supply this week as any visit to Stensons is out of the question. Bradley Wiggins I am not.

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