Tuesday 8 January 2013


As you can see,TARDIS TWO now contains enough bricks to build a house when and if we ever decide to return on-land.This afternoon we plan to revisit Stensons to finalise colours, where we want the TV, fitting the cat-flap,security arrangements and licencing procedures/timetable. All exciting stuff for us, boring for you. Sorry.We are collecting a hire-car this afternoon to facilitate finding a replacement for the Yaris and our trip to hospital in London. The naval insurance company are still faffing around and are as useful as a chocolate teapot.A settlement offer is not now expected until Wednesday (another 6 day delay from their original promise). Two things the last year has taught me are not to have any financial connection with a Spanish Bank or to use a Naval insurance company.The latter are fine as long as you avoid an accident, which sort-of defeats the reason for using them. Take my advice, avoid at all costs (excuse the pun).

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