Monday 28 January 2013

Brass monkeys

Summer-like weather with sub-arctic wind. A quiet day other than yet another visit to the doctor's. a new one this time. A young lady who knows her stuff and verges on the zany. I like her. Updated my drug dosage on her computer and changed my anti-indegestion tablets (yet another drug to combat the side effects of another drug). She offered to do my counselling to get me off the happy pills, which suits me. Should be a laugh and an immediate pick-me-up.She is still awaiting the letter from my consultant which I know from experience takes at least 3 weeks. (a one-finger typist like me?).Once received counselling commences. I can't wait. The naval insurance company are sending a £100 cheque as compensation for their incompetence,bloody-mindedness and stress creation (not their words of course). Still waiting for the final settlement cheque. An insider confirmed no company operates multi-car policies without major hash-ups such as ours, the computers and staff just can't cope. A lesson learned the hard way but worth noting if you're looking for insurance. I intend avoiding a multi-boat policy for Tardis Two. Boat builder visit planned for tomorrow so watch for more photo's once I work out how the hell to transfer them to the blog again, so it may take a day or two.

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