Monday 22 July 2013

B list celebs

The geese made an awful mess on Tardis Two roof during the night which made an early morning wash-down necessary. The journey to Reading proved uneventful, apart from getting progressively warmer.Marlene met us at Caversham bridge with a cat litter tray to replace the one she accidentally demolished on board yesterday, and very nice it is too. I am sure the cats will appreciate it.
A few yards away from our mooring spot was another,named Justice, which belongs to a canal boat magazine journalist, Steve Haywood, with whom we exchanged "Hello's" this morning. Canal Boat magazine describes Steve as "opinionated on most aspects of the waterways but entertaining with it." He also has several boating books to his name, one of which I have read. In the canal boat world I guess Steve is a B list celeb but in the wider world I suppose he is off the alphabet. From Reading to Wallingford took for ever and the temperature reached new heights ( the hottest day of the year) until we finally moored at Benson lock, having scoured the scenery for suitable sites. Mooring is not easily found on the Thames.

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