Sunday 21 July 2013

Panda feet

Wedding two of this trip up and down the Thames went well, although on this occasion we attended the reception only, at a large hotel on the outskirts of Marlow. Unbeknown to us we had passed it on our way to London, only recognising it via a huge fountain in an equally large lake next to the Thames. Arrival at the hotel was underwhelming, giving the initial impression of entering an industrial estate. But once on-site it was better, although you needed a route map to find your way around.The wedding apparently went well, as did the reception with a mixture of live "rat-pack"singer and1960's disco. The sudden change from one to the other took some getting used to and created some hesitant pauses, but overall it worked. The evening and night were cooler. My Nephew (all 7ft 12 of him) and his bride make a great couple. I "slept-in" this morning prior to the next section of our trip home.I leave you with a view of Marlow and a warning against wearing Jesus sandals on the back of a boat in bright sunshine !  We spent the early afternoon cruising between Marlow and Temple lock by way of entertaining Marlene and Brian's grandchildren.To say Tardis Two was crowded would be an understatement but it has to be said Lynne and I make a far more efficient lock team than four adults and three children. the too many cooks syndrome? Leaving Marlow yet again we eventually moored on an island near Shiplake. Once again we passed through Henley where a D-day boat rally took up most of the river space. Henley lock,strangely, is named Marsh lock and is totally nondescript, almost an engineer's afterthought. At the end of the Thames lock building scheme I guess they suddenly realised they had missed one, stuck a pin in the Thames map and Built Marsh lock.

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