Thursday 11 July 2013

Dalai Lama and Marie Celeste

We literally missed the boat yesterday. My friends at Molesey had finished their row before I had time to text them apologising for our non attendance due to other friends arriving to view Tardis Two. Our meeting has been re-arranged. Socially this trip has been a great success, although attempting to fit everyone into our available time has not proven easy. Tomorrow we have managed to double-book a cruise but feel sure everyone will get along fine so all should work-out well. Yesterday was not a good day, healthwise, and today  proved similar. A headache and general lethargy, so we opted to take things easy. Lynne watered the gardens and I tidied unruly areas. Last night a small fishing boat arrived near Tardis Two with 4 men aboard. This morning it was still there with no sign of life aboard, other than 4 fishing rods hanging over the sides. By lunchtime the fishermen had re-appeared and the boat headed off towards Kingston. The fridge and freezer alarm lights were flashing again so we ran the engine for a couple of hours. Another email from Eddie again outlined the supposed relationship between battery capacity and , power useage and recharging ratios, to which I muttered under my breath "b******s". We should have an interesting meeting on our return to Stensen.
Talking of meetings, our GP friend is shortly off hiking in the Himilaya's and we asked if he has arranged to meet the Dalai Lama, as Lynne and I are great admirers. Following our discussions I think a meeting will be requested and prove inspirational. I sometimes claim to be an atheist, which is not strictly true. In times of crisis  or extreme emotional stress I do utter " for God's sake" and quietly seek guidance from "above". To my mind Buddhism is the purest religion, although I am not sure it is one, strictly speaking. Having my time over again I would be Buddhist. The Dalai Lama watched and enjoyed Monty Python's Flying Circus, and has a twitter account.  Can you imagine the Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury doing the same?  My ideal dinner guests would be Dalai Lama, John Aspinall, Joanna Lumley,Ayrton Senna, Cat Stevens, John Lennon and John F.Kennedy ( lots of John's)
If I was threatened with being dumped on a dessert (desert?) island with 4others I would name Tony Blair, George Brown, George Bush and John Terry as my preferred dump'ees but guarantee my release prior to the delivery helicopter flight.
125th Hampton Court and Dittons Amateur Regatta 20th July 2013.

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