Saturday 13 July 2013

Relaxing at pace

We're still struggling to  get the rate of this relaxing lark right. Relaxed we are, but at a faster rate than planned, if that makes any sense. Yesterday we were supposed to pick-up our GP friend from Kingston for a leisurely cruise for Lunch at a riverside pub in Walton on Thames, return him to Kingston whilst picking up another GP cruisee on the way past Hampton Court  What could possibly go wrong?   
Well, for a start we overslept and, having contended with very heavy Hampton Court Flower Show river traffic, arrived very late at our meeting place, only to battle with the same ferry traffic on the way back. Hence a very relaxed lunch on board Tardis Two moored alongside a pub In Walton was late, as were all following arrangements, including the final one of the day to meet friends of Lynne on board. We collapsed into bed exhausted at 11.00pm. A great day..... but relaxing?

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