Wednesday 17 July 2013

Nomadic charter

We are all set and ready to head for our next destination, Marlow, where another family wedding is due to take place at the weekend. Although new to the nomadic lifestyle we have already become restless at our present location, having renewed old acquaintances and family ties, possibly more than we could have hoped for. I managed one fit and one hypo within the day, but feel I'm getting to grips with the new drugs/insulin relationship (hopefully?)
It is a very warm and sunny morning again, apparently continuation of the longest UK heatwave for over 7 years. Not that I'm complaining of course. 
Our boat electric problems continue but we are coping better with them. Eddie has suggested most live-aboard boats are permanently moored in a marina, linked to a permanent electricity supply and only cruised on the occasional weekend, which we found very amusing. Getting your excuses in early? 
Needless to say the Dyson parts failed to arrive yet again but we have yet to find out the latest reason why. Their parcel tracking system is slower than their delivery one, it seems. 
Whilst having a winge a mention has to be made of our sky man (not David Bowie) who we need to meet yet again. Thanks to Terry, Freeview works but thanks to not David Bowie Sky doesn't. Time to get our wasted money back?
0900 and we're off. All deadlines passed. Fabulous cruising weather. Sun and blue skies.
1400 and we are moored near Chertsey for lunch. Regular readers will be aware of the incompetence of a naval multicar insurance company which I had the misfortune of dealing with over recent months. Like a bad smell they have re-appeared with yet another foul-up, claiming one of the multicar policyholders is no longer covered, although they have now admitted confusing vehicles and names plus sending a "standard" email to the wrong person. They have agreed to send a "non-standard"email to all involved attempting to de-fuse the powder-keg and despair they created. Can you insure against incompetent insurers?
1800 and moored at Runnymead in shade, yippee.(I'm not complaining of the heat, but it is great to find shade after a burning hot cruise). We are outside the M25 again and have seen our first electric pylons for weeks.The plan is to set off earlyish in the morning to avoid the heat
2200 still awake and watching TV. A cooler evening and very few bugs means we can relax a little. Both cats have been out and about at their new location, Phoebe even brought "home" a vole, her first since aboard which is encouraging.

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