Tuesday 23 July 2013

Relaxing exhaustion

It rained heavily last night reducing temperatures by several degrees (not that I'm complaining). Finding a mooring place on the Thames is worse than trying to identify horsemeat in beef burgers so in desperation we stayed overnight in the lay by for Benson lock just past Wallingford. It proved interesting as RAF Benson was literally next door with helicopter exercises keeping us and the cats entertained late into the evening.This morning We tagged onto a gin palace to self-operate the lock,which did not go exactly to plan as the red alarm light flashed and we got stuck for ages, together with another narrowboat, the crew of which was sadly typical of the ilk, all grease, dirt and ripe language. We passed the spot of our grounding at Shillingford very carefully, through Days lock (another tatty one) and moored for brunch under Clifton Hampden bridge.a very pretty spot. This morning's thunder and lightening has changed to hot sunshine yet again. We moored for the night near Sandford lock having pieced together more of the puzzle involving lock keeper help many weeks ago. It appears keepers are moved around between locks as and when required so it took us all day to track down the relevant staff. Having done so we have emailed their bosses praising their actions on the day and repeating our heartfelt thanks. They all remembered us and the events of that day.
Today was much more relaxing for us as no targets were set. We should be back on canals tomorrow.

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