Wednesday 31 July 2013


Raining this morning. No dawn chorus so the local birds must also be disappointed. The M6 hums (noise not smell) in the background but it must be some considerable distance away as we passed under it long ago, alongside a gypsy (traveller/Tarmac your drive,sir?/ can we empty your skip,sir?/ethnic minority camp site). Are we now travellers? I have never resurfaced a drive in my life, unless crazy paving is accepted in this category? Or recycled metalwork (other than coke cans) but if it offers advantages I'm happy to be re-designated. Today, so far, has been only our second "wet" boating day. We finally moored for lunch near the Charity dock, really a graveyard for old boats, hoping the weather will improve this afternoon. An attempted earlier mooring confirmed this canal is very shallow near the edges, which tends to minimise  stopping opportunities as the whole canal length one side is military firing ranges and combat training facilities. Moor at your peril. Talking of military, canals and rivers were obviously well protected in earlier conflicts as "pill box" anti-aircraft and machine gun points still abound to this day.
During a dry spell we sneaked through Nuneaton yet again, although we did run the gauntlet of a bunch of their best young morons under a bridge. I think they spoke English and gave a good account of the town, one not on my must visit list. Two boat names today. A narrowboat "Bo Diddley" for you really old guitar officianado's and a Tupperware " Percy Veere".

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