Tuesday 16 July 2013

New anniversary pit stop team

 We cracked a a bottle of champagne for our Silver wedding  (25 years) anniversary breakfast and changed pit-stop crew for the next twenty five years. Terry taking over captain duties (but only on the boat !) and cruising us to Kingston looking for a carrousel to cover the tiller in these extreme heat conditions and a new mobile phone as mine had died of a broken back. The former proved impossible to find as, surprise,surprise, there has been very high demand recently. The latter was easy as I knew exactly what phone I required, the original Nokia 100, still produced and available at £7.43 on pay as you go, which caused a lot of hilarity in the phone shop.
Katie arrived early to add her congratulations and order a carrousel on-line for us, guaranteed delivery today. I will not hold my breath. My leg injury looks like one of those bullet wounds on "The Lone Ranger" or "Rawhide" old westerns, no blood or visible collateral damage. We now think it should have been stitched at the time as a large scar is likely to remain. Otherwise it is OK.
We have decided to leave for the Marlow wedding early Thursday morning. 
I managed to get through yesterday fit-free  until half way through our anniversary meal in Pizza Express ( we know how to celebrate, us old-uns). We now have a prescription for my change of drug strength so can alter my regime today and monitor results thereafter.

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