Wednesday 10 July 2013

Medical confidentiality

Yesterday was once again scorchingly hot. Tom commandeered me for gardening duties once again, giving me the opportunity of exercise and meeting some old clients. Sadly two of them have ended-up in old-folks homes with their houses up for sale, further supporting our decision to pursue an active retirement life, stimulating mind and body, thus reducing the inevitability of dementure and pressure on family members/finances. I returned to a hot Tardis Two absolutely knackered. A quick cool shower and a couple of hours sleep helped recharge my batteries. If only it was that easy to do the same for Tardis Two. For the evening we were re-united with a very long-term best friend, who we first met as our GP many,many years ago. An absolutely brilliant doctor and wonderful company he has seen our family through life's medical dramas ,and heaven knows there have been lots of those.
His uncle was apparently Mayor of Zanzibar many years ago and he attended the same school as Freddie Mercury of Queen fame.
We had an excellent meal and evening, agreeing a further meeting for a cruise on Friday, weather permitting. Our social calendar is positively overflowing, happily.
Tardis Two has been invaded by black ants. How the hell do they get aboard? Answers on a postcard please. I have always had a theory ants will inherit the earth when mankind inevitably blows itself apart so maybe the process has started already. An ant-powder purchase looms.
I had a minor fit early this morning, easily explained by me forgetting to take my pill last night. What was that earlier dementure comment?
We opted to cruise towards Sunbury in the hope of linking up with a friend who lives on an island, but we missed him so went to Kingston Waitrose for essential supplies, mooring for free right outside the shop. Posh or what?
We are off out yet again tonight hopefully to meet some more old rowers (I hope they will forgive me calling them that), this time from my Molesey days but we have already been way-laid by friends and work colleagues having popped in to see us, so our plans are already composted. How will the day end? Has it already been scripted? Watch this space.

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