Sunday 28 July 2013

Flying over the cuckoo's nest

The rain arrived with a vengeance last night, requiring me to venture out in mid-downpour to close down the mushroom vents, otherwise rain splash enters the boat and the shower unit becomes excess to requirements. However, I survived. The Wharf is an odd place. At first glance it is a large pub/restaurant, water point, camp site, general store, launderette and moorings, but is actually a small, friendly "community" including a wide cross section of all human life and actually works perfectly in a "social" way.  Having further analysed my hologram moments I really am starting to question my sanity, in a "One flew over the cuckoo nest"sort of way (Jack Nicholson). Am I sane and everyone else mad? Where does the blurred line begin? Is half a brain as good as a whole one? And what the hell?
A few locks with a walk or two in -between and I had another's hologram moment when the boat moored itself and the gas bottles changed themselves over when one emptied.It remains to be seen if the hologram eats lunch. Watch this space (excuse the pun). We are in phase two of the wild flower cycle with lots of pinks, whites and shades in between.once again at the high point of Oxfordshire a few more anti HS2(High speed train link)  posters have appeared along the canal. The thought of a new London/Birminghan railway line scything its' way through this wonderful countryside is horrific, and for what? A couple of minutes off the current journey time. Concorde was hardly a great success. Personally I would put a few extra bends in the current rail link. Why rush to get there when you can use video-link or FaceTime from where you already are,probably with a far better view?(London residents only).  Luckily most protests are from the fox-hunting fraternity so their chances of success will be high. Anyone noticed any difference since the "sport" became illegal? Nor did I.

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