Sunday 7 July 2013

Club Tropicana

Hot and sunny very early this morning.  Pimms for breakfast? Brilliant wedding and reception yesterday in equally blistering heat. I love weddings. Inevitably happy events. Tom transported us there and we cadged a lift "home" from a boat enthusiast eager to look at Tardis Two, which had both fridge and freezer alarm lights flashing (nothing new there,then). Both cats managed to disappear into the night on our return. Sadie quickly returned chased by a "resident" cat but Phoebe proved more elusive and returned in her own good time, much to our relief.
Katie and our three elder granddaughters arrived for their pre-arranged cruise to Kingston at 0900 hrs and were very keen to set sail. they all took turns steering until we moored in Kingston Town Centre for free, met Tom and partner Hayley for lunch and a little retail therapy before Tom steered us to Teddington lock and back to Molesey lock, through which we went by way of an experience for all concerned. Before returning to base we filled with water and emptied the ablutions. Overall it was a great family day and very,very hot. Everyone enjoyed it I think, we certainly did. Exhaustion has now overtaken us and we may need to sleep with our feet in the river to keep cool.

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