Saturday 27 July 2013

Chav city

Yet another sunny morning but now with off-white fluffy clouds as hovering threats. The forecast is heavy showers. Having cruised straight through Banbury ( the new centre of Co-Op armed robberies apparently...... Two in the last fortnight ) we have named it the Chav city as they have the biggest ( in every sense of the word)  collection of chav's ever seen in one place before. My own fault I'll admit, but my previous Panda feet blog title embedded the infamous Mud hit with a similar name in my head for all of yesterday. Considering I hated it at the time, alongside Mud, it was the worst torture imaginable. So far so good today though. Once again, no set plans for today other than getting nearer to my hospital appointment in Leicester and getting Tardis Two electrics sorted at MCC. We have now mastered how to live with the current (excuse the pun) situation by switching off the inverter last thing at night and back on again first thing in the morning. However, this success only masks the fact a fault still exists. Talking of faults, two more have returned yet again. The first Paul has had two attempts at correcting with only temporary success. The alternator belt slips and screams for several minutes when the engine is started, which means the battery charging is less than it should be. The second Paul has also attempted to fix a number of times, with similar non-results. The throttle will not "grip" at certain revs and annoyingly slips back to its original position unless physically prevented. One hand on the tiller and the other on the throttle restricts wine drinking on the move, unfortunately. I gave up noting unusual boat names whilst on the Thames as Tupperware owners seem to lack originality or vision. Stick any girls name in front of "dream" and you have named your boat. Gin palace owners are far better educated ( Eton. Oxford. Cambridge. Ashlyns secondary modern ) but you need an equal education to understand their boat names. Not that I am casting nasturtions on your education levels of course ! 
Have you ever had a hologram day? You know you have been there but no-one else seems to realise?
We traversed 9 locks and the roofless Fenny "tunnel" today without major incident before arriving at The Wharf for water and a meal. Whilst there Tardis Two got filled with water and moved backwards without my involvement, although I did manage to dump the rubbish. The forecast rain has yet to appear but the atmosphere is very humid and " thundery", in every respect.
Everyone on the canals around here seem to be making their way to the Copredy music festival, made famous by Fairport Convention. Apparently tickets are expensive and hard to come by but the festival acts also play the local pubs for free. Mooring at Copredy is also near impossible during festivals. It was full when we passed through today.

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