Monday 15 July 2013

Yet more vacancies and sunset

Yesterday was blisteringly hot (not that I am complaining). In addition I had a particularly blank day with the occasional fit thrown in for good measure. Not good for me but worse for Lynne and Linda who took responsibility for my safety and succeeded, against all odds ( cue for a song. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes). With their help ( Linda and Lynne, not Joe and Jennifer) I managed to collect water and empty the ablutions at Molesey Lock without major incident before cruising past Dave Gilmore's recording studio boat, exchanging greetings with an unidentified man and woman sunbathing on the front. The return trip was interesting as a large armada were congregating for the last manned lock operation of the day (7.00 pm) but all fitted in and we were entertained for the remaining evening by some young couples on a narrowboat moored opposite. (If you see what I mean). Apart from being good movers (Buzzcocks, Faces and some crap rap) they were also obviously very good friends ( I think that is the correct terminology?)  apart from that the evening was cooler, although I am not complaining. I feel ok today so far. The old two steps forward one step back routine. Terry cruised Tardis Two to Kingston and back very professionally. The lack of garden show traffic was a great help and made the return trip far more relaxed. On our return we took the opportunity of filling with water and emptying the ablutions without the need to go through Molesey lock. A distinct lack of fits today but my Leicester support nurse (who is actually supportive) has recommended upping my current dose age to see if things can be improved. Nurse Lynne intends commencing the new regime tomorrow, but in the meantime I need to obtain a different prescription. Nothing in life seems simple anymore,but I'm up for the challenge.
Moored as we are in the Thames equivalent of a cul-di-sac you would expect a quiet and sheltered life, would you not? As previously reported there was a lurid party last night, and a few minutes ago a young lady wearing flippers and little else slid down the weir on an inflated settee and li-lo then proceeded to deliver them piece by piece to various boats opposite . Bizarre or what? We were intrigued. If we manage to figure out what the hell is going on you'll be amongst the first to know.
See spectacular sunset below.

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