Friday 19 July 2013

Upmarket pest

Sunny, warm morning but overall a cooler night with no bugs.Slept well. Canal boats sit low in the water. Where we are currently moored the grassy bank is window-high. Whilst drinking my coffee a black mink kit stared at me and squeaked a bit, but disappeared before I could get a photo. The cats took no notice whatsoever. At this point I should mention the vole Phoebe brought home last night was the small, common field type and not the chunkier and rare water one, which would have been a tragedy. Early start today hoping to avoid the heat and crowds.
Bray lock gets our grumpy lock keeper of the day award. Nothing to do with the lock, he got uptight about us using the full length of the water hose around the corner to fill our tank. Does it matter if you only use half a hose? apparently so. After a long, hot cruise we finally made Marlow only to find the next lock on the Thames has broken, trapping dozens of boats in a section with insufficient moorings. Hence we( and dozens of others) are currently moored "illegally". The alternative being cruising up and down the same stretch of river all night. Will we be clamped, towed away or scrapped? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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