Tuesday 2 July 2013

Clean for Hampton

Having moored close to hoses, bins and cassette emptying facilities we made full use of them all before setting off on our travels again early afternoon. Tardis Two looks pristine having had a full wash and wax, although Lynne is complaining the windows look streaky. Another job for later perhaps? The water tank is full and the cassettes are empty. Happy days. We spotted a boat named Cirrhosis of the River and another Tardis yesterday. We should pass the Queen's barge (narrowboat, please) at Henley apparently. See below. Having washed the bloody boat it rained all through Henley,all through Marlow and until we moored tonight at a place called Bourne End. Having said that, as I write the precipitation has stopped. Henley regatta actually starts tomorrow so we were one of the first crews to test the course. No cheering crowds to wave at, unfortunately. My first visit to Henley was when Joel and his Molesey crew won the National Schools Head of the river race there ten or more years ago in the most horrendous horizontal rain. At times it was almost raining upwards. The rain today was a mere drizzle in comparison.

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