Tuesday 30 July 2013

Summer revisited

An overcast, cooler morning, but none the worse for that ( not that I'm complaining). Having cruised past/ through Rugby several times now we have yet to actually " visit" it. Both Lynne and I had always considered it, and the sport named after it, to be way up in northern England, bleak and overlooked, rather than nestling in the scenic midlands. A visit is on the "to do" list. Healthwise yesterday was one of those easily forgotten ones, nothing to report other than endless tiredness (apologies for the excessive esses.) Using less esses is next on my "to do" list. Yesterday was also a 3G technical day which inevitably delayed blog publication, but we're back on- line bright and early today.
On the Oxford canal at Rugby is a water point designed by that famous canal engineer, Heath Robinson. it is sited right next to a bridge so is spotted right at the last moment and only has one mooring ring situated to the rear of a Cadbury flake-like bank. Whilst attempting to moor Lynne slipped knee-deep into the canal, dropping one of our brand-new fenders, which promptly sank irretrievably
To make matters worse I had a crunchy lunch moment. You know how it is when you get to my age and what's left of your teeth keep parting company with you. my soft cheese lunch suddenly produced a crunchy moment which was not good news. A dentist appointment is due to be booked, no doubt.
Our visit "home" is already looking busy.
On analysis the tooth was actually a white filling, so no tooth fairy tonight (story of my life).
After a short shower  and glorious rainbow we have moored on the outskirts of Hawksbury Junction where the Oxford and Coventry canals meet. The Oxford towpath is designated the Oxford Walk, but you will need wellington boots in places. the actual pathway is mown but they leave a sort of weed "hedge" between that and the canal, meaning you cannot see the path from the canal and visa-versa

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