Tuesday 2 July 2013

The what day is it syndrome

We are currently moored near Shiplake lock and weirs. The dawn chorus has been exclusively ducks and geese, the latter in their hundreds. Canada geese operate a crèche system whereby a couple of "parents" look after other families to give each other a break, which seems to work well. Did you know ducks first invented the bidet? Just watch them land (on water) and you'll see what I mean. We heard a cuckoo yesterday, Lynne for the first time ever and myself since I cannot remember when. Whatever happened to cuckoos? Something to do with EU regulations I suppose. Nothing to do with travel restrictions as we don't seem to have any. Two plus points emerged from our recent sandbank adventure, both being wildlife related. Two Red Kites and a Great Crested Grebe kept us entertained during our lengthy stop. Both species are amongst Britain's most beautiful birds, the former only saved from almost certain extinction in recent years, the latter keeping us guessing as to where he would next appear after diving for food. We rarely guessed right. Apparently the sandbank at Shillingford is due for dredging this winter and was deposited during the extreme Thames flooding during 2012.
We have yet to find the Tardis Two electrical fault(s) but have developed a strategy to deal with it. We now avoid watching TV late into the evening, switch off the inverter plus all electric lights and retire to bed for a read by torchlight(Lynne). I just sleep.
Healthwise I am OK. My new drug seems to let me operate on more "normal" insulin doses, which I have yet to perfect. My leg wound is healing nicely and generally I am feeling reasonably fine, other than tiredness taking hold early evening.
We're heading for Henley and Windsor today - infinity and beyond, beneath magnificent cloud formations and a hint of sunshine.

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