Saturday 13 July 2013

Stars in their eyes

Hot and sunny today. Spent what was left of the morning after another late get-up washing the boat. Firstly I moved the dirt around using our colourful mop and coal bucket (minus coal, of course ) then rinsed off with river water. The result looked worse than when I had started so I repeated the process using mains water with much better results. Until the next time she looks beautiful. Tom arrived with our old Henry Hoover ( The Dyson replacement parts appear to be lost in the post. Sound familiar? )
Tardis Two looks immaculate inside and out. Yesterday I had a "loose brain in the head" day whereby my brain appeared to be less securely secured to my head than is normally the case. The feeling remained all day but seems to come and go today. To make matters worse " Tie me kangaroo down, sport" was my stuck in the head tune yesterday, but thankfully gone today. A heron sat watching us from the island this morning. They really are a grumpy looking species.  For those of you who remember the TV show "Stars in their eyes" a heron would be the contestant to announce, "Tonight Matthew, I intend to be Jack Dee" .

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