Sunday 14 July 2013

Early start

Linda and Terry arrived mid-afternoon yesterday having followed my travel instructions and arriving at another destination around half a mile away. The tropical temperature didn't help their mood but a glass of wine or two eased the tension , further assisted  by a drink and meal at The Bell in Hampton, a short walk alongside the river. Although the table for 8 had been pre-booked the meal took forever to appear, even though most were salads. We reckoned they fresh-grew them to order. The meals were good but the desserts took forever to appear again complete with profuse apologies from the waitress who managed to get us a free bottle of wine and 1 free dessert for our troubles,bless her. Out of pure sympathy we offered a good tip which she politely refused but was convinced to accept eventually.
It was a very hot day and the pub air-con was not working. We Brits are famous for moaning about the weather and I have promised myself not to. today is extremely hot (Sunday) but by mid morning the Belling engineer had replaced the dodgy hob and Terry had installed the new dongle and got the TV to work for the first time in days. Good results, but the printer refuses to co operate and remains inactive.
It really is extremely hot, but I am not moaning. We are thinking of moving Tardis Two to a shadier spot through Molesey lock to allow us to sleep better tonight. We had planned to cruise to Waitrose this afternoon but opted out due to the heat and last day of Hampton Court flower show and Kingston regatta. But I'm not moaning.

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