Monday 8 July 2013

How cool is that.

The feet cooling plan proved  to be not required but some neighbours went one step further and actually went swimming at 2300hrs. It cooled us down just watching them. Both cats returned unaided via the cat flap during the night which is encouraging. Any doubts we had of them not settling into boating life are receding. The boat electrics continue to cause concern. We are beginning to think the Stensen electrician learnt his trade in the  Boy Scouts or via a Lego apprenticeship.  The difficulty is trying to make your point against the designer/builder who is convinced Tardis Two has more electrical equipment on than it actually has. The Belling hob engineer is due tomorrow. Today looks like being similar to yesterday, hot and sunny.
I had a Groundhog Day helping Tom with 3 gardening jobs and a trip to the recycling tip. Thankfully Tom left me in the car there or I could now be fertiliser. My lack of fitness caught up with me by late afternoon and I returned "home" knackered to within an inch of my life. Tea,  a short walk to my old KGSVBC boatyard and cheesy chips in the Swan should round the day off nicely. Hopefully someone will give us a lift home.

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