Thursday 1 August 2013

Cream crackered Atherstone

After yesterday's washout today started very warm and sunny, global warming I presume. A busy morning of locks and more locks with lengthy walks between, who said this boating lark is relaxing? Lunch-time and I'm already cream crackered (knackered for all non-cockneys) 
Atherstone flight contains 11 individual locks spread over a considerable distance of the Coventry canal, easier tackled with helpful crews from other boats passing through. A lazier,grumpier, more moronic bunch of boaters would be hard to find, believe me. All heron's in a previous life? Overlooking a Virgin train or two over lunch made me think how much more sensible it would be for the Government to spend their £billions on building tilting trains in Britain using British expertise and introducing them on the present London to Birmingham line, perhaps incorporating my idea of a few extra bends just for the fun of it. Alton Towers eat your heart out. More fun, no countryside desecration, faster journey times and lots of new engineering jobs in the UK. Talking of jobs, two Canal and River Trust painters were busy on a set of locks this morning but had only been supplied with white paint (locks are traditionally black and white).
In addition the paint they were using on metal was for wood only. CRT an improvement over British Waterways? I have serious doubts.
CORRECTION:   In the section above regarding tilting trains please replace "their £billions" with "our £billions".

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