Friday 9 August 2013

The two forward,one back scenario.

The car romped through it's service and MOT with only minor damage to my Bank balance, if only I could say the same for me. Having happily gone several weeks fit-free yesterday made up for the shortages in a big way. Checking the records a pattern seems to be emerging of clusters of fits approximately every 3 weeks, regardless of what drug I am on at the time, which should prove an interesting discussion with my new supportive support nurse once an appointment can be made. At present we are scheduled to meet late October, but hopefully an earlier one can be agreed. Having seen the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel I am keen to reach it sooner rather than later and avoid the two steps forward, one step back scenario, staggered through previously with much frustration.
On a brighter note we met our Falklands conflict veteran friend and his wife for a meal last night, during which I suffered two minor fits without incident. (I stayed above the table). We relayed our boat adventures to them and suddenly appreciated how many we have already had. Like all adventures they always seem amusing when reviewed later !  
Surprise, surprise,  Stensen have found nothing wrong with the electrics on Tardis Two and are once again insinuating it is something we do wrong, without being specific. We aim to re-board this afternoon and test the systems once again overnight after getting information on our alleged wrongdoings. I find this is best done personally rather than via email as body language often conveys much more than the written word can ever do
2 fits and some technicolor dreams in the night and 2 mini fits this morning collecting shopping from the village, so things are hotting up again?  

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