Saturday 24 August 2013

Colditz escape

Sadie returned home at 8.30 pm last night via the cat flap, wearing a "you called?" Look on her face, promptly ate a large meal and dumped herself on our bed, where she stayed all night. Having spent the previous day searching and calling her, we were mightily relieved. We had also distributed lost cat notes to all and sundry, together with phone numbers should she be spotted. Many marina residents assisted   our search and/or offered to keep an eye out for her. She seems none the worse for her adventure and has settled back on board as before.  Although this morning was dull and drizzly we took the opportunity to escape and quietly exited the marina very early, yet again heading up the Trent and Mersey canal to who knows where. 
By 16.30 we made it to Alrewas, although I have to admit I slept most of the way and left Lynne to steering duties, successfully as it turned out. We have moored before Alrewas because a friendly boater advised us of a boating rally there, so mooring space is at a premium. Being accused of opening our fridge more than once a day has spread like wildfire amongst the boating community. Boating is slow, the boating community is quicker. A passing boater spotted Tardis Two and shouted "I hope you have only opened the fridge once today". Good joke, though. We called into our favourite marina at Shobnall to buy a calor gas bottle. It is cheaper than Stensen and served with a smile for free. Our adventures gave them a laugh also.
Leaving Stensen was akin to having a concrete block lifted off our shoulders. Being back in the real boating world is brilliant and must be like getting let out of prison after serving a life sentence for something you were not guilty of.
We are unsure where we are heading, other than away from Stensen. We'll take each day as it comes and enjoy life a little, boat permitting.

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