Sunday 4 August 2013

The last leg

Our first "long-term" trip sadly draws to a close as we near Burton On Trent again. A quick fill of diesel at Shobnall marina and we are ready for some "snagging" at MCC. We do not intend staying there longer than we have to before heading North on our adventures again, having sorted out my teeth, tumour treatment and hair (which one?) I hear you ask. My bullet hole is healing nicely, thanks to the Oregano oil treatment used over recent days, courtesy of  Tigon ltd.The fact you can't see daylight through it any more is a good sign I suppose. My skills with a windlass have also improved as my legs have remained damage-free for several weeks now, no doubt assisted by the lock-keepers on the Thames doing everything for us. Lynne's boat control skills have also improved considerably. Our entry onto the River Trent yesterday totally unphased her, unlike the first time when, by her own admission, she required bulk supplies of Tenna-Lady. In fact, Lynne commendably reversed Tardis Two out of Shobnall and moored her round the corner, giving us the opportunity of brunch at the cafe. The day started dry and sunny but gradually changed to cloudy with showers and high winds, par for the course on the Trent and Mersey I'm afraid.
Against our better judgement we opted to give it a go getting to MCC today despite the threat of rain and consequently got soaked. I don't want to leave this boat but I do want to get the faults rectified so I have to, unfortunately. If all had been ok we would not have vacated until October, but so be it.
Back at MCC 1800 hrs. No spare spaces so moored opposite marina, the plan being for Lynne to get back to dry-land home by taxi and return for me and cats by car tomorrow morning following her hospital breast cancer monitoring check-up, by which time I should have some idea of boat repair timetables etc. ??? Don't hold your breath.

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