Saturday 31 August 2013

Rode Heath,gazzumping and harmony.

We stopped here at Rode Heath for lunch but it got windier and windier so we stayed overnight. The village is small with a hairdresser, pub and an off-licence , which says it all I suppose. We sat and reviewed life afloat to date. Lynne is missing the gossip and natters with friends and work colleagues,made worse by my long sleepy periods leaving her on her own. We can change the latter by playing with my drug regime but even the offer of an evening down the pub failed to compensate for the former. Life aboard with a sick and senile old git is taking its toll, I guess. We agreed a strategy to improve things and will monitor it as we travel on.
Where we moored was a salt mine,now nicely landscaped into a country park. Opposite was an old, arched, unique canal warehouse with a preservation order on it, meaning it could not be legally demolished, which it was in 1981. Apparently the owner knew people in high places. Guess what stands there now? You are right, a housing estate. It just proves, it is not what you know but who you know necessarily to get on in the World.
The day was very harmonious, after a not brilliant start. I walked round the canal corner to prepare the lock whilst Lynne cast-off, only to be barged out of the way ( excuse the pun) by some old fogeys on a green boat, who promptly claimed "our" lock. No apologies offered but one of my infamous glares made my point. We followed them through the next 13 locks just to embellish their embarrassment, before mooring near Middlewich opposite where the Bisto factory once stood,but now demolished ( all together now, Ah ) We walked to a nearby pub for dinner (according to 
Pearson's guide)but it had shut down, so we continued to Middlewich and ate in the Narrowboat pub ( highly recommended ). The walk back was interesting after one or two shandies. 

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