Sunday 18 August 2013

Let the sun shine in

A title for all you "hair" musical fans. When I was much younger and hairier I went to see the show 8 times as for everyone from outside the UK  it was always top of their must-see list whenever they visited me living in London, and I always enjoyed it. The cast recording sold for next to nothing in our vinyl record sale prior to buying the boat. This Sunday morning is sunny and bright, which helps lift our mood a little. On waking we were fooled into thinking summer had returned, but it appears the immersion heater also heats the radiators (?), which we have now switched off individually. The learning curve continues.
The pram toys remainedstrewn over the office floor apparently so some sympathetic tidying-up appeared  necessary, which Lynne  attempted this morning and her pram cleaning skills are renown.
Thanks to her good work peace and goodwill has broken out, but she was accused of draining the boat batteries by using the washing machine yesterday,despite us being connected to the mains electric supply. A joke we presume? It has kept us smiling all day and cheered-up anyone we told.
In addition, another presumed joke (?) was cracked whereby it was stated we should only open the fridge door once per day to maintain battery life, a statement so ludicrous it could be from the Tommy Cooper classic joke book, but again kept us smiling all day.

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