Tuesday 20 August 2013

Ambience change

Following the success of yesterday's hospital visit ( not sure if that is the right way to describe it, but hey-ho ) this morning is bright and sunny with a more relaxed ambience. Yes, we still await boat repairs and the ability to cruise as originally intended, but these are the least important of our present problems and we are now better positioned to face them. Life goes on.
5days ago whilst Eddie and Paul were unsuccessfully fitting our new boiler we were told a boiler engineer would visit today to complete the job. We twiddled our thumbs until early afternoon with no sign of a boiler-man when Lynne walked all of 50 paces to the office to make "peaceful" enquiries, firstly being told they knew nothing about it, but then a phone call would be made to confirm the appointment and we would be told. Walking past the Stensen cafe at 15.45. With our "baby-sat" dog Wewere informed the boiler-man would be on-site 0900 tomorrow, but the bow thruster parts may not arrive until the weekend, although that engineer had previously been booked for tomorrow. Another wasted day, but at least we obtained some legal advice which we will keep up our sleeves for now. This saga could run and run. Imagine where the pram toys would end up on receipt of a solicitors letter.

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