Saturday 3 August 2013

Nuts and fruit cake day

Apart from the odd shower or two and the ferocious thunder and lightening storm yesterday was notable for the abundance of boating nutters and fruit cakes out and about. It was like open day at the asylum. Wrong side of the canal, mooring on corners, mooring on water points, full pelt through bridges...... You name it and it happened. Lots of ignoring protocol by not apologising for obvious errors or saying thanks for favours done. One of those days I suppose. Put it down to experience. Today is brighter in lots of respects. The sun is out again and already fellow boaters have been well behaved and courteous. Tardis Two has a dry interior again and is back to something like "normal" after her sieve-like escapade last night in the storm. Both hatches leaked badly, as did all the mushroom vents, causing us to abandon our bed to avoid drowning. Every towel, bucket and saucepan was fully utilised to good effect. Another snag list for Eddie tomorrow.
We are moored at Barton Turns on the Trent and Mersey canal. I think it is a small village with a pub named after it, or is it the other way round? We ate in the pub this evening. If you have ever watched the comedy "Early Doors" you'll have some idea of the place. The food and the music are rooted in the 1960's , Steak and ale pie with chips and gravy, plus Gerry and the Pacemakers , we found it quite amusing. To be fair, the food was good, if a little basic, but not worthy of a Brunoboat star this time around. Maybe next visit? 
Healthwise a good day. I have finally solved the insulin/Keppra balance problem and improved my overall "feel good factor". Apart from my general tiredness it appears most of the other problems,including the holograms, were diabetes induced.

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