Tuesday 6 August 2013

Leicester Royal infirmary

By way of a welcome home I had my customary trip to hospital by ambulance. I spent the night in a very busy and large A&E Dept before being transferred to an urgent assessment unit for observation and breakfast.I went upstairs for an early night and within half an hour Lynne heard an almighty thump, rushed upstairs to find me on the bed clutching my head. Within minutes we were accompanied by two paramedics and a doctor. it Appeared I had somehow managed to thump my head on some immovable object, creating a mega-headache and a matching lump on the tumour side of my head. How still remains a mystery. The short ambulance trip made me realise how unsuitable these converted vans are for transporting sick people. With virtually no suspension they shake, rattle and roll along. It was bad enough with severe headache, never mind an injured spine. A shortish wait at Accident and emergency and I got seen by a beautiful young doctor who looked around 18. I was feeling better already.the A&E had their own ex Sumo-wrestler security force complete with stab jackets, apparently necessary for the usual late evening drunken flotsam and jetsam that drifts through, sadly.A decision was made I may have suffered a mini-fit and required further monitoring on the 15th floor assessment unit, which proved very busy with lots of patients coming and going through what little remained of the night. Lynne finally got a taxi home (again) at 0500 hrs and collected me, back to "normal", at 10.30hrs with the promise of an appointment with my consultant in two days time. I caught up on my missed sleep this afternoon and feel much better now, panic over.
All medical staff were intrigued by my panda feet and very impressed with my Origano oil bullet hole treatment, so expect it to be available on the NHS sometime soon.

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