Monday 26 August 2013

Cygnet,camels and monkeys

We moored in the middle of nowhere. Quiet night (more on that later) Quiet night, busy morning.late afternoon we had a rare difference of opinion, mainly caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar levels (mine) and shear frustration ( Lynne) when we were searching for a mooring spot. I was on the canal bank being vacant and she was trying to keep control of 20 tons of steel. To cut a long story short it ended in raised voices and a long silence. We resembled camels, both with a major hump. This morning Lynne went out early checking on the whereabouts of Pheobe,who emerged from the undergrowth without a care in the world. Also on the canal bank was a sick cygnet, almost fully grown.
A call to the RSPCA indicated they could not give a monkeys for it's plight , but a call to the Burton wildlife rescue  got an immediate response.A young lady was on-site within minutes and the cygnet was on its way to a vet. We gave a donation for the charity, thanked her for her fast action and for finding us so fast miles from anywhere very early in the morning on a Bank Holiday. She has promised to keep us up to date with cygnet news. The camels have left and the silence broken.
The late afternoon news on Sid the cygnet was encouraging. They could find nothing wrong with him but he had eaten, taken on fluids and anti-biotics. They will report back tomorrow morning. We stopped for lunch at Rugely. Everyone there speaks a more rounded version of Birmingham, which is no bad thing. This evening we are moored near Great Haywood, having earlier crossed the river Trent via a fairly plain aquaduct. The further north we go on the Trent and Mersey canal the better it gets. The scenery improves and there are better mooring locations. The weather today has been sunny and hot ( not that I am complaining ).

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