Thursday 15 August 2013

Wasp season

An overcast, cool morning, which kinda reflects our mood. Lynne announced our return to Eddie on his arrival first thing who promised immediate  undefined action . On a more positive note Leicester hospital have moved  the appointment with my support nurse forward by more than a month, now scheduled for Monday 19th August, which is great news. In the fresh light of day Lynne's paintwork improvements have restored Tardis Two's appearance tremendously. Despite all her problems she remains a good looker. (Lynne and the boat) .Yesterday we had a spate of wasp incursions aboard requiring urgent and lethal use of a rolled-up magazine, indicating autumn is already creeping in. It is uncanny how wasps knowwhen the  picnic season arrives, even before humans do.
1300 hrs and, surprise, surprise, absolutely nothing has occurred, despite a "gentle reminder" a few minutes ago. At this rate we'll become marina residents by default.
1430 hrs Wabaco boiler unit removed and warranty replacement ordered. Bow thruster checked and broken safety pin suspected, but unfortunately not the easy one to get to. An "out of the water job". Lynne has gone for a pressure relief walk. The words Lynne and walk do not normally appear in same sentence so pressure must be severe. Where the hell does that leave me? I feel a pressure relief walk looming, but at least the sun is shining
1700 hrs. Pressure relief walk one completed long the canal towards Willington, round the nature reserve incorporating a small sewage works (good planning eh?) and back to the boat. It is now confirmed Tardis Two will be taken out of the water in the morning. Lynne and I then both went for a walk with a little terrier dog we are baby-sitting for friends on the marina, but this time along the canal in the opposite direction. On return we ran the engine to get hot water for our showers later.

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