Sunday 4 August 2013

Musings of an old boater

Having completed our first few months living aboard and my first night alone (with cats) it is time to reflect on outcomes. ( living aboard, not being on my own). To say it has far surpassed my expectations would be an understatement. I was always confident the lifestyle would suit and benefit me, but a little less sure about Lynne, who always puts my welfare and happiness far in advance of her own, something I have always had to reluctantly accept. It has always concerned me that someone is prepared to put their own ideals behind them for the sake of others. Mother Theresa springs to mind as a glowing example, but she had faith in her God to lean on. Lynne only has me, which I find hard to comprehend, but  for which I am eternally grateful. however, Lynne has launched herself (excuse the pun) into the venture 200% and has taken to it like a duck to water (sorry, two puns in one sentence), which makes me feel very pleased and less selfish, which are both positive results. Future trips we have vowed to make less date orientated and more relaxed, allowing time for those impromptu BBQ's and canal-side picnics we both dreamed of.
Neither of us have found boat space particularly restrictive and we both enjoy boater banter and interactions. Furthermore both cats have settled into nomadic life amazingly well, much to our relief, although I am sure hedgerow mice will fail to agree with our enthusiasm.

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